Interview with Ayurved Expert Dr. Ish Sharma

What is special about Ayurved?

Ayurved is indeed very special. Ayurved is the history of medicine when there was no medical science existing in the world, ayurved is there. This is the oldest medical and health care system and also i believe very strongly I’m convinced ayurved is the future of medicine as well because this is totally non-chemical individualized it is like one size doesn’t fit all so like one chemical pill fitting all one paracetamol for all kinds of headaches this is not the ayruved concept. Your medicine has to be individualized we examine you personally you are an individual you know so your pulse your body type your digestion your age your mindset everything plays a role then we decide your medicine and your preventive aspect ayurveda is very strong preventive medicine in first place cure and treatment come much later so that is how being very individualized being very non chemical ayurveda is there to stay that is the main difference .

Can Ayurveda help everybody ?

Yes , ayurveda is for everyone. Everyone has that is my like endeavour we have been taking iron without of India for last twenty years I have been going to country’s to teach ayurveda bring patient to India to treat them with ayurveda.

From where you started your career in ayurveda?

For last 15-16  years, I have been teaching ayurveda in England, France, Germeny, Belgium, Indonesia, Singapore, Itly, Switzerland mostly European countries and there are wonderful students there. There are so many takers of ayurveda . They are so interested they would be saving money they could be working overtime to save some money .i believe this is a worthwhile decision and they are very happy with this .

What is the Ayurvedic viewpoint of structure and functions of Body?

Universe as well as human body are made up of five basic elements colectively called ‘Panch Mahabhootas’. These are Aakash (Ether), Vayu (Air), Agni(Fire), Aapa (Water) and Prithvi (Earth). The sixth mandatory component of life is Atma (life spirit) without which life ceases. The human body is made up of Doshas (Bio-humours), Dhatus(Body matrix) and Malas (excretable products). Vata, Pitta and kapha, known as Tridoshs are physiological entities of the body which are responsible for carrying out all the functions of the body. Dhatus are the structural entities of thebody. These are Rasa (Plasma), Rakta (Blood cells), Mamsa (Muscular tissue), Meda (Fatty tissue), Asthi (Bony tissue), Majja (Bone marrow) and Shukra (Hormonal and other secretions of genital). Agni (Metabolic fire) is in thirteen different forms and carries out the whole metabolism of the body. The waste products of the body which are excretable are produced in the body as bye-products of metabolism. These are known as malas which include pureesh (faeces), Sweda (sweat) and Mutra (urine). All biotransformations within the body occur through Srotases (body channels) which are the sites for action of agni.

Is there scope for ayurveda in the contemporary period?

Ayurveda has a wide scope as far as the prevention of disease, promotion of health and its preservation are concerned. Lifestyle rules mentioned in Ayurvedic texts if applied rigorously give definite results.Lifestyle related diseases, drug abuse, degenerative diseases, auto immune diseases and certain metabolic and allergic disorders are well manageable with Ayurvedic techniques and medicaments.

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