Specialist Services by BAMCH

On one hand, BAMCH Champapura, provides the base line healthcare services to the adjoining population and on the other it provides specialised panchkarma treatments for many difficult medical conditions.

There are many international citizens visiting BAMCH champapura for such unique treatments.

It offers Pathlab , Xray , ECG, Emergency and related healthcare services.

Ayurveda is not a medical system that addresses only diseases. The first and foremost aim is to preserve the health of the healthy.

The humours function as pillars supporting the body. The derangement in the humours causes illness. The natural constitution (Prakrithi) of an individual and deranged state of the body in an illness (Vikrithi) are expressed with respect to Vatha, Pitha and Kapha. Medicines and herbs are grouped based on its effects on the humours.

Ayurvedic treatments are classified in two groups broadly:-
Shodhana chikitsa
Shamana chikitsa

Shodhana chikitsa is Panchakarma therapy; literarily meaning fivefold therapy. It gives the long lasting benefits in the body. The five processes which are used for body cleansing in Ayurveda:-

Vamanam-Medically induced vomiting
Virechanam- Medically induced purgation
Nasyam- Administration of medicine through the nose in the form of drops or powders
Snehavasthy-Enema done with medicated oil
Kashayavasthy-Enema done with a mixture of honey, salt, herbal paste,herbal decoction and medicated oil.

Proper preparatory measures have to be undertaken prior to the treatment, to make the body ready for the cleaning. After completion of treatment patient may have to continue internal medicines, follow diet and lifestyle advises.

Shamana chikitsa is a method of treating diseased by appropriately planned diet, lifestyle and internal medicines. Shamana chikitsa is palliative therapy.

Reliable & safe

Non Chemical

Ayurveda is a system of natural healing, contains natural herbs and holistic approaches to promoting physical and mental health.

Preventive & Curative

It emphasizes the need for a strict code of personal hygiene and involves the use of herbal medicines.

Panchkarma Detox Principles

Panchakarma cleanses the body, mind and consciousness. It’s a set of five procedures: Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Raktamoskshana.

Application of Yoga & Meditation

Yoga maintains health, longevity, weight management and overall happiness. It provides better sleep, and improved hormonal balance.

Mind Balancing Approach

It takes account bio-individuality and entire body- mind- spirit connection.

Free of Side Effects

No chemical drugs are used. It heals with herbs so it has no side effects.