Testimonials 1

I contacted Ayurveda Doctors at Biyani Ayurveda hospital,Champapura, Jaipur regarding my Arthritis. After 15 days of treatments with Diet/lifestyle advices, herbs & Panch Karma, I observed 80% relief. This was a worthwhile experience.


I was suffering from chronic eczema from last 10 years with bothering itching & dry skin with little diet advices, precaution & Vaman Virechan Panch karma, I am relieved significantly and the disease did not come back.


I am Patient of Blood Pressure, Diabetes & obesity for last 20 year, with a month of extensive indoor Panchkarma at Biyani Ayurvedic Hospital, champapura, i lost 10 kg & the sugar & blood pressure values are in control.

Shikha Rana

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