How to oxygenate and detoxify your brain

Bring silence, keep your mind quiet. There is lot of noise inside. You have studied cell, atom. If atom is also subdivided nothing seems to be visible.
Fold your hands and close your eyes and bring silence. Everywhere there is silence so that you can recall everything you learnt from your memory. You may feel you are going to forget everything you have learnt.
But your brain is not so poor. If someone forgets, it is because they feel that they are going to forget all they have learnt. But mind does not function like this. One can recall everything one has learnt. Whatever is learnt or read comes back easily in mind. Something that we can remember throughout our life. So we all are gifted with good memory.
All religions agree that silence or zero state are most powerful stage. Everywhere God is nothing but zero, nothing but energy.
Let us scientifically understand why we say “OM”? Why while chanting we do deep breathing which supplies oxygen to our brain or to neurons of brain. Method of breathing is very important. If we take ten seconds while inhaling, we should take thirty seconds while exhaling. Because of this supply of oxygen increases which purifies our blood. And we release triple amount of carbon dioxide.
This also increases your memory power, concentration will be more. Body gets Oxygenated and detoxified. Better understand this scientific method and try to do everything logically.
Now take a deep breath and we will chant “OM” with right attitude. Why in a temple, Gurudwara, Church do we get better vibration ? This is because we get benefited by good vibration which creates energy and energy is never destroyed.
Why can’t we listen to good things ? It is because of our bad Karmas. Do good actions and you will be able to listen well.
Thoughts delivered in Morning Assembly on 28th .Jan.2017
By Prof. Sanjay Biyani
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